e.ziclean SWEEPY Hybrid Cleaning Robots

e.ziclean SWEEPY Hybrid Cleaning Robots

Clean and Sweep at Once.

e.ziclean SWEEPY is a hybrid range od robot vacuum cleaners that vacuums and washes in a single pass. Once the water tank is clipped on, its wide microfiber mop is continuously humidified, thoroughly washing hard floors with a coverage of 70 m². Thus it eliminates the spots, stubborn residues and more than 99% of bacteria.

In terms of vacuum, e.ziclean SWEEPY has a main nylon brush and 2 CORNER™ side brushes providing optimized coverage in the corners and along the walls, while promising excellent cleaning efficiency with an improved performance on hardwood, tile and linoleum floors.

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  1. Aspirateur Robot poils Animaux connecté
    . Vacuum and Sweep at Once
    . CORNER™ Technology
    . E.ZIPETS™ Main Brush
    . Perfumed Scents
    . Hygienic Bin System
    . Hyper Silent
    . Weekly Schedule
    . Up to 140 m² Coverage
    . Lithium-Ion Battery
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  1. Accessoires aspirateurs robots
    . 3 Water Mops
    . For MAPPING SWEEPY series

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  2. Pack Brosses e.ziclean CUBE et SWEEPY
    . 1 Main Brush
    . 2 CORNER™ side brushes

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  3. Pack Brosses e.ziclean CUBE PETS et SWEEPY PETS
    . 1 E.ZIPETS™ Main Brush
    . 2 CORNER™ Side Brushes

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  1. Pack 3 Filtres HEPA e.ziclean CUBE et SWEEPY
    . 3 HEPA Filters

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  2. Accessoires aspirateurs robots
    . BIO Solution
    . Disinfect
    . Unstain
    . Perfume
    . SWEEPY Series
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  1. Aspirateur Robot poils Animaux connecté
    Weight 2.3500
    Sizing 310mm*85mm
    Color Dark
    Cover Material Shiny
    ezigenius No
    Min Covering 20m²
    Max Covering 140m²
    Decibel Max 55dB
    Battery Type Lithium-Ion
    Working Time 90min
    Charging Time 180 min
    Charging Automatic, Manual
    Schedule Yes
    Navigation Real-Time Adaptive Navigation
    Corner Sensors CORNER™ Technology
    Obstacle Sensors Yes
    Water Tank Yes - 180 mL
    IR Wall No
    Floors Type Lino, Tiles
    Capacity 400mL
    Anti-Allergen HEPA Filter
    Perfume Diffuser Yes
    Screen Type Touch Screen
    USB Plugin No
    Regular Speed 4sqm/min
    Control Method Infrared, Radio
    Remote Control Yes
    Adjustable power Yes
    Accessories Additional Accessories : 2 E.ZIPETS™ Side Brushes . 1 HEPA Filter . 6 Perfumed Sticks
    Navigation Modes Along the Walls, Automatic, Manual, Spot, Zigzag
    Manufacturer Warranty 2 years Manufacturer Warranty. 5 years Commercial Warranty with e.zichange™ plan

e.ziclean SWEEPY Hybrid Cleaning Robot.

Video Introduction.

e.ziclean SWEEPY is a hybrid scrubber vacuum cleaner whose design and accessories permit it to neatly wash hard floors - Tiles, linoleum, parquet flooring (…) - but also to ensure a powerful suction function on carpets and rugs. Thus offering a unique solution to the maintenance of all your floor coating types..

Clean, into a single path.

It vacuums before washing.

In addition to a rotary brush module, e.ziclean SWEEPY has a second module exclusively dedicated to suction. It prepares the cleaning of coatings by retrieving beforehand the dust from the surface. The washing and disinfection is thus optimal; the mop thus focuses only on dirt incrusted on the floor.

hybrid eziclean vacuum and sweep
Robot électrique mandoline compact design

It mops the floors for you.

e.ziclean SWEEPY is equipped with a 180-mL water tank which stays under the robot. It continuously supplies the microfiber mop through a perfectly controlled drip system, ensuring its humidification on its entire surface and without risk of saturation.

Professional Microfiber.

Built-in for intensive use.

We equipped the range e.ziclean SWEEPY with professional quality mops. This patented mop with "reinforced mechanical effect" is in Tri-Composite with a specific benefit from each: The action of Polypropylene has a unique scraping power on macro-dirt;The stall of the particles is ensured by the polyester strips; Finally, the polyamide absorbs liquids and dirt, for an excellent result on all solid coatings.

BIO Cleaning Solution:

disinfects, Removes stains, Scents.

The BIO Cleaning Solution e.ziclean SWEEPY offers a concentrated natural formula which disinfects and deeply cleans the coatings of hard floors, eliminating up to 99.3% of the bacteria. Its viscosity has been specifically studied to protect the filtration materials of the water tray. It dries rapidly, does not require flushing and guarantees a traceless result. This 500 mL bottle should be used for 30 washing cycles.

cleaning washing BIO solution
Robot électrique mandoline compact design

The Rotary Brush Module.

For deep cleaning.

Apart from the floor washing function, e.ziclean SWEEPY proposes a rotary brush module which will intensify the collection of dust and hair particularly on soft floors. Thanks to its rotation speed and its nylon slats, it can recover a greater amount of dirt and particles by scratching the surface of the floor. It is particularly effective for the maintenance of rugs and carpets with low hairs.


For animal hair removal: Efficient design.

The new e.ziclean brush E.ZIPETS™ is equipped with nylon bristles and flexible plastic slats. A combination recognized for its excellent performance for the collection of animal hair on all soils. It indeed allows recovering up to 20% more dirt. Thanks to its removable inserts, you can easily remove hair from the brush. Its design has been studied to reduce the noise of the device even more.

Among the most powerful battery.

A life 3 times higher.

Unlike the NimH batteries, the lithium-ion technology offers a more important life span and a performance with no loss of autonomy. The characteristics of this battery make it the best current power solution for mobile devices and electric cars.

Robot Aspirateur batterie Lithium

Straight to corners.

Technology CORNER™: It detects the angles.

Compact, designed with square edges and with brushes lengthened by 2 valuable centimetres, e.ziclean SWEEPY is an equipment specially adapted to the cleaning of baseboards and corners. Its 16 Front Sensors continuously scan the obstacles present which are automatically bypassed by the robot, without even touching them.

Robot Aspirateur nettoie coins
Robot aspirateur bac hygienique hepa

Hygienic and convenient.

e.ziclean SWEEPY offers a drain of the tray by the top, avoiding any rejection of dust when it is full. It is also equipped with a pane for preventing the return of particles, and a handle. Its HEPA 11 filter effectively blocks micro dust and allergens present in the air. With a capacity of 400mL, it will suffice to empty that once a week for usage rate of 2 to 3 times per week.

Enjoy the scented sticks to dispose in the manifold of your vacuum cleaner, to eliminate bad odours and sustainably perfuming your home. A function which you will enjoy the result daily.

Advanced navigation algorithm.

Up to 90% coverage rate.

Its onboard navigation and environmental recognition technology raises the e.ziclean robots to the rank of devices offering the best coverage results and aspiration efficiency in the market. Its micro-sensors collect real time the data of your home, allowing e.ziclean to continually adjust its cleaning path and systematically finding a path in your home. Its empty space detectors automatically avoid the stairs, preventing any risk of falling.

Best navigation cleaning robot

Tested and approved.

Tests-Electro website rated e.ziclean SWEEPY hybrid cleaner robot with a 4,5 out of 5 grade. Check the full testing report on Tests-Electro.fr.

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