e.ziclean TORNADE robot vacuum cleaners

e.ziclean TORNADE robot vacuum cleaners

Powerful and Incredibly Silent.

e.ziclean TORNADE is a line of robot vacuum cleaners with an incredibly sleek finishing and offering top cleaning performances on all types of floors. Embedding high-powered 8,000 rpm suction turbine and yet remarkably quiet, it offers a substantial dust collect capacity while maintaining a compact design.

The PETS edition is equipped with unique design brushes, made of nylon bristles and soft plastic blades. Up to 20% more dirt can be collected thanks to this. Built with removable parts, you can easily maintain it to ensure continuous cleaning efficiency.

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Super-powerful vacuum turbine for double vacuuming strength

The e.ziclean TORNADE V2 is equipped with a high speed and resistant turbine. Unlike conventional motors, its magnetisation technology eliminates mechanical friction, considerably reducing noise and offers a considerably longer lifespan. With a rotation speed of 16.000rotations/ minute and a powerful side brush, e.ziclean TORNADE V2 collects and vacuums the most encrusted dirt on all kinds of floors.

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Floating vacuum head

Its brush adapts to your floor

Its cleaning head is floating which enables its powerful brush to mould to the irregularities of different surfaces. It is always very close to surfaces, enabling it to vacuum with constant efficiency on parquet, tiles as well as on carpets and rugs. Its central brush also consists of 2 materials: soft nylon filaments to collect fine dust and rubber strips for thicker debris, fur and hair

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Neat finish and robust materials made to last

The TORNADE V2 e.ziclean robot vacuum cleaner offers you high quality materials for lasting performance. It is equipped with rubber, anti-scratch wheels with a thermo-plastic body and a reinforced, front bumper with a backlit touchscreen to launch the functions of your appliance at your fingertips. Everything gives you comfort of use and an endurance without comparison.

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A Battery amongst the most powerful for a lifespan 3 times longer

Unlike the NimH batteries, the lithium-ion technology offers a more important life span and a performance with no loss of autonomy. The characteristics of this battery make it the best current power solution for mobile devices and electric cars.

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Ultra Silent : up to 2 times more than its counterparts

Thanks to its unique acoustic confinement, the range of e.ziclean TORNADE V2 offers great comfort at all times, for both you and your pets.

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Methodical navigation

The 90% promise

Its onboard navigation technology and surroundings recogntion, raises the level of e.ziclean robot appliance, offering betters comparative results when it comes to coverage and its efficiency in vacuuming. Its micro-sensors collect data on your home, in real time, enabling e.ziclean to constantly adjust its cleaning plans and systematically find its way around your house. Its space detectors automatically avoid stairs, avoiding any risk of falling. Along skirtings, it sweeps closer to corners, moves under furniture and covers 90% of your rooms with rare acoustic comfort.

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Navigates in complete safety: it adapts to its environment.

Thanks to the 10 space detectors located under the robot, e.ziclean® TORNADE V2 does not fall down stairs and adapts to changes in floor levels up to 2 cm. It registers its route in real time and it automatically adapts its navigation plan to anticipate and move around obstacles that it has already encountered.

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Ultrasonic and infrared sensors for detecting all obstacles.

Its 3 ultrasonic sensors and 19 frontal infrared sensors enable it to detect obstacles in the room (furniture, sofas, chairs...) and clean close up without bumping.

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e.ziclean TORNADE V2 PETS vacuums dust piles and micro particles, even those that are deeply encrusted in carpets. Short or long, it collects an unbelievable quantity of fur and other residue from places where it has a tendency to hide. It has a new main patented E.ZIPETS™ brush , as well as a large 500 mL container. In fact, the appliance is the best adapted for collecting animal fur

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Robot aspirateur bac hygienique hepa

Hygienic and convenient.

e.ziclean TORNADE offers a drain of the tray by the top, avoiding any rejection of dust when it is full. It is also equipped with a pane for preventing the return of particles, and a handle. Its HEPA 11 filter effectively blocks micro dust and allergens present in the air. With a capacity of 500mL, it will suffice to empty that once a week for usage rate of 2 to 3 times per week.

Fragrance diffuser

Enjoy the scented sticks to dispose in the manifold of your vacuum cleaner, to eliminate bad odours and sustainably perfuming your home. A function which you will enjoy the result daily.

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